How Your Gift Helps

Your donation to LASP helps end homelessness, ensure access to lawful benefits, protect domestic abuse victims, and overcome problems that keep low income people trapped in poverty.

“I can get treatment for cancer”
It’s tough fighting breast cancer.  Ms. P* was employed when she was diagnosed, and she tried to keep up with her job.  Eventually, her treatments made her so sick that she had to quit.  Her employer-sponsored health insurance lasted for 3 months, but then she needed to apply for Medicaid.  When her doctor prescribed chemotherapy, Ms. P was devastated to be told Medicaid wouldn’t cover her treatment.

“I knew that wasn’t right,” explained Mary Ellen, the LASP paralegal who helped Ms. P.  Mary Ellen’s research showed that Ms. P’s chemo was covered under a special program for people with breast or cervical cancer.

Mary Ellen got the needed forms, had Ms. P’s doctor fill them out and worked intensively to show the county office that Ms. P was covered.  Her coverage came through in the nick of time.  

“This was enormously important for her,” says Mary Ellen.  “Without Medical Assistance she couldn’t have afforded the treatment her doctor recommended.”

“My brother can stay in his home”

Mr. B* was only 62 when he had a stroke that left him physically and mentally impaired.  Sadly, his children took advantage of him and started using his money for themselves.  They stopped paying his rent and when the public housing authority sued him for nonpayment, they made sure Mr. B didn’t attend the hearing.  He was about to be put out on the street.

Fortunately, his sister was concerned and she arranged a Power of Attorney that let her act for Mr. B.  A LASP advocate negotiated with the housing authority to stop Mr. B’s eviction and give him a reasonable repayment plan for his back rent.  His sister is working to have the children repay the money taken from their father.

Together, a concerned family member and LASP protected a vulnerable, elderly man.

“I’ll be able to support my children”
Ms. E* made a few bad decisions as a teenager, and had been convicted of shoplifting.  She was determined to turn her life around, but found she couldn’t get work because of her criminal record. 

Pennsylvania law gives people like Ms. E a second chance by allowing them to clear records of arrests and minor criminal convictions after 5 years, if they keep a clean record.

LASP helped Ms. E clear her record, and she soon got a job as a nurse’s aide.  Later, she called her LASP attorney to share that she had been accepted into nursing school – something that would have been impossible with a shoplifting record. On a nurse’s salary, she will be able to afford stable housing, healthy food, and the other things her children need.

Ms. E got a second chance and is on the road to better life for herself, and her children.

“I feel safe now”
Ms. D* has 2 young children and was 27 weeks pregnant when her husband beat and choked her.  He had a record of violence, and she was terrified for herself, her children and her unborn baby.  Ms. D. filed for a Protection from Abuse order.  However, her husband went into hiding, and the sheriff couldn’t find him to serve the order. 

Her temporary order was about to expire and Ms. D felt unsafe, so she came to LASP.  LASP helped her extend her temporary order and helped her get a permanent order that evicted her husband from their home. After the baby was born, she called to say that her children were happy and healthy, and that she finally felt safe.

Thanks to generous donors, LASP serves more than 900 domestic violence victims like Ms. E each year, who are seeking safety for themselves and their children.

When you make a donation to LASP, you are making it possible for people to get justice – even when they can’t afford a lawyer.  Your support ensures that low income people facing very serious civil legal problems have fair access to our justice system.  

*Names are changed to protect client confidentiality.