Increased Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence

Although October is Domestic Violence Month, LASP advocates help victims like Ms. G throughout the year. 

Ms. G’s husband beat her so badly that she needed hospitalization and follow-up medical care.   Worse, the beating happened in front of her 8 year old son.  When she was able, Ms. G came to LASP for help.  A LASP advocate helped her get a Protection from Abuse order and obtain sole custody of her son. 

Ms. G was one of the 752 people LASP helped to get a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order in FY2012-13. In each county LASP serves, its advocates work closely with local domestic violence agencies to ensure that victims can get assistance applying for a PFA.   Research shows that PFAs improve safety for domestic abuse victims, providing an important step along the road to a life free from fear and violence.