Legal Aid Receives $270,000 in Montgomery County Contracts--Pottstown Office will Remain Open

Legal Aid was awarded contracts from the Montgomery County Commissioners to support Housing and Child Dependency work in Montgomery County that will enable it to keep the Pottstown office open, despite the loss of $281,000 in general operating funding from the county.
“Harvey Strauss, co-executive director of Legal Aid, said he was "very happy, very pleased, very grateful" for the contracts, which he said would enable Legal Aid to keep its Pottstown office open and to "continue to provide services that we're proud of."

In a press briefing following the meeting, Shapiro explained that Legal Aid had received the new contracts because situations in which the court is required to appoint outside counsel for indigent defendants would have been more expensive with a provider other than Legal Aid.

"Legal Aid was uniquely positioned to provide those services," Shapiro said, adding that the commissioners had consulted on the matter with several judges on the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas following last week's budget hearings.”

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